In this series, I visually explore color, space, and psychological inquiries of tense interactions. Focusing on penultimate moments, I combine multiple photographs of single objects to invent suspenseful scenes. The negative space I create in my new compositions, with blocks of color, highlight the imminent interaction between the objects. I aim for the colors to intensify the situation. The interaction of unlikely but plausible objects, animals and humans, is the focal point of the minimal setting. I aim to suspend the moment immediately before the climax or the moment just after, preceding the unraveling of consequences. Fate has not been dictated in these crucial moments--or has it? 

The presence of humans and creatures is an instrument to grapple with the human experience. I place humans and creatures in scenes based on ideas I draw from biblical and fictional stories, in combination with my own personal fears. I question what it means to be a human, what our inherent reactions are towards particular circumstances. Through my paintings set in a minimal contemporary context, I illustrate that as humans we follow behavior patterns, despite our historical human narrative which warns us against such mistakes. I aim to question how much control we have over our existence and the extent to which fate plays a role in our lives.