Born in San Francisco, CA 1985, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

In my current body of work, which originated from my MFA thesis, I paint the portraits of successful women that I admire from images on the Internet. My subjects range from Eleanor Roosevelt to Oprah. Coupled with research on each of my subjects, the act of painting these women helps me identify with them.

Painting enables me to address my strong desire to belong with the women I depict. I construct a relationship with my chosen subjects by obsessing over my renderings to spend time familiarizing myself with my subjects, on my own terms with my tools. I do not think of my relationship with my subjects as only a visual bond, in fact, I see my paintings as a way to honor them.

Attending Wellesley College altered my perception of successful women. I found the many images and advertising of our illustrious alumnae, including Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, to be inspirational but also confusing at such a formative time. As a young woman, I strongly believe it is very important to continue to address gender inequality. However, it is also important to address the way in which women hold contradictory double standards when it comes to ideas of success. I am continually attempting to join this group of successful women that I do not completely understand.